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IT Manager / Code Contributor


tel: 1 407 602 7721

Current Endeavors

As a Data Science student and Full Stack developer, I'm collecting better data and making it more opperational. Good data leads to new opportunities.

Full Stack Developer

My position at Katmai Government Services has been a great opportunity for growth and exploration. My role started with the goal to update some in-house line of business applications. Like many developers in small departments, your role quickly expands. You become the de facto cloud architect, database admin, DevSecOps, SRE, support tech, and whatever else could help the company.
I've been able to:

Masters of Science in Data Science

The University of Colorado Boulder officially accepted me into it's MS-DS program at the beginning of 2023. I'm very proud to have be part of such an innovative and inclusive program. This really struck me when I received the official letter in the mail (along with some nice swag). This wasn't something that existed 5 or 10 years ago.

Thus far, most of the time spent in this program is working on coursework. On the side I'm doing some research into tracking stuff in space, and keeping up with the new NLP advancements.

Education & Certifications

Community Involvement
Open Source Contributions

Starting in early 2016, I began contributing to some of my favorite open source projects on GitHub. Lately I've been slacking on making any substantial contributions to good open source projects. Additionally, I've become a little paranoid about what I make available on platforms such as GitHub. Its important to help other developers so I'll try to do better.

Tech & Dev

I actively participate in Orlando's startup, tech community, and developer groups. You can find me regularly attending local Meetups, including:

Developer Resume (pdf)